Sunday, April 5, 2009

O si yo!

Pome Bytes
... more than one a day indeed ...

~ MOOF ~

Macintosh Classic and Clarus the Dogcow by Damian Ward on flickr.
dogcow: /dog'kow/ n. See Moof. The dogcow is a semi-legendary creature that lurks in the depths of the Macintosh Technical Notes Hypercard stack V3.1. The full story of the dogcow is told in technical note #31 (the particular dogcow illustrated is properly named `Clarus'). Option-shift-click will cause it to emit a characteristic `Moof!' or `!fooM' sound. _Getting_ to tech note 31 is the hard part; to discover how to do that, one must needs examine the stack script with a hackerly eye. Clue: rot13 is involved. A dogcow also appears if you choose `Page Setup...' with a LaserWriter selected and click on the `Options' button. It also lurks in other Mac printer drivers, notably those for the now-discontinued Style Writers. Pointers to all things dogcowish can be found at `'.

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